Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maven is awesome!

As you might have alrady guessed (or not) I am not a huge fan of java as a language. But the tooling around it is just fucking amazing. Take maven for instance. Want to create a webapp? There you go, we have an app skeleton ready made for you. Want to run the app locally, sure, use the jetty plugin (or tomcat plugin if you want to be a real professional ;)). Want to deploy the app to a remote server - take the cargo plugin and do that. Anything you want to do - there's a plugin for it in maven. I wish python had some sort of all-in-one pluggable solution like maven: dependency management, build, distribution, reporting, almost anything you might imagine connected to your software.


  1. python is getting there with vitualenv, pip and fabric, but that is not yet as streamlined as maven is. Saying streamlined to a complex beast like maven feels a bit off, but it is still the best we have...

  2. I think the best shot is distutils2. I agree about pip + virtualenv, but this means cloning EVERYTHING, as opposed to just messing with PATHs to provide the versions needed... Still, there's no reporting or anything like that and all the solutions (coverage, nose etc.) are, well, hacky. I don't mind that, but this is not ready for prime time.