Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pidgin-sipe updated to 1.15.1

Built with video and audio support, for precise, quantal and raring.

Get it at:


        - Fixed #190: SIP 407 response rejected with invalid message signature (Stefan Becker)
        - Fixed #189: Adium SIPE plugin vs. libpurple linking issues (Michal Lamb)
        - fixed free-after-use issue that caused crashes for some users (Stefan Becker)
        - fixed broken NTLM fallback in Negotiate (Stefan Becker)
        - fixed subscriptions expiration by subscribing again after re-authentication (Stefan Becker)
        - allow different user name and login for Office 365 authentication (Stefan Becker)
        - add SIPE version & git commit ID to debug log (Stefan Becker)
        - added valgrind log analyzer script (Stefan Becker)
        - added NTLM message anaylzer (Stefan Becker)
        - updated translations: Hungarion (hu), Romanian (ro)
        - updated Adium port (Michael Lamb, Harris P. Kauffman)