Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pidgin-sipe updated to 1.16.0

        - Feature #58: Implement Digest authentication scheme for SIP Proxy Authentication (Stefan Becker)
        - Fixed #196: Useragent value not forwarded to core (Michael Lamb)
        - Fixed #193: Pidgin Status changes stop working (Stefan Becker)
        - Fixed #186: Users appear offline when they are not (Stefan Becker)
        - fix kinit-less use case with krb5 >= 1.11 (Stefan Becker)
        - rewritten HTTP stack from scratch (Stefan Becker)
          * cleaner, layered and hopefully less error-prone implementation
          * HTTP stack internals no longer exposed to user code
          * reduced network traffic and less SSL handshakes by utilizing HTTP/1.1
            connection keep alive for multiple HTTP requests to the same host
        - switch purple backend to deferred destruction approach (Stefan Becker)
          * Pidgin should no longer crash at connection close, even in corner cases
        - add menu entry to make a call with a phone number (Jakub Adam)
        - some progress on telepathy backend (Stefan Becker)
          * add TLS certificate accept/reject user interaction
          * add "Single Sign-On" & "Don't Publish Calendar" account options

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