Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pidgin-sipe updated to 1.16.1

* New upstream version 1.16.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2013-07-13)
        - Feature #66: Windows DLL version information (Stefan Becker)
        - fix call failure when host has multiple IP addresses (Jakub Adam)
        - fix buddy list handling after moving to Lync 2013 (Stefan Becker)
          * Lync 2013 migrates buddy list to Unified Contact Store (UCS)
          * NOTE: modifying the buddy list is *NOT* supported yet!
        - crash fixes for new HTTP stack (Stefan Becker)

get it at:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spatial indexing in mongodb

I don't really know when it was, added to mongodb, but it seems that not only mongo supports more geometry types now, but it also supports spherical calculation of predicates (intersection, inclusion, distance) on spatial data:

The supported types (as of now) are:

  • point
  • linestring
  • polygon
So for any composite geometries (multi-* or heteregenious collections) you would need to have a 1:many relationship and index on geometry parts. Since mongo supports only intersection and inclusion as predicates, these also work well for the parts (if a part of geometry intersects predicate, the full geometry also does; if all parts of geometry are included, full geometry is included), it seems that it is a good fit for a large part of GIS applications.